Boat Ramp Facilities at Sportsman’s Landing

Cajun Cabins
is separated from Sportsman’s Landing only by a very rustic, hand split, cypress picket fence and some beautiful summer blooming red crepe myrtle trees. The double concrete ramps are first class and make launching your boat easy and convenient. Plenty of good, safe, convenient parking…. all for only $5.00.

Launching at Bayou Corne offers one access to some of Louisiana’s finest fishing hotspots. Beautiful Bayou Corne is known for great fishing and leads to Grand Bayou, Bayou Alcide, Old Texaco Field, and scenic Lake Verret. In fact, for the “Lake Verret only die-hards,” Sportsman’s Landing of Bayou Corne offers not only the quickest, (15 minutes or less) but also the most scenic route to Lake Verret.

Additionally, when Lake Verret is rough (as it often is), launching at Bayou Corne offers great safe sheltered areas to fish and ride!

Bring your boat and load up on bass, brim (perch), sacalait (crappie), catfish, etc.

Most fishermen agree that Sportsman’s Landing is one of the finest boat launches in south Louisiana!


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