Cabin I in the middle, also known as “Cabane Danos” of Bayou Corne

Cabin I in the Middle

Cabin I in the middle, also known as “Cabane Danos” of Bayou Corne.  This Cabin is named after my old friend, Harvey Danos.  He was my lead carpenter who inspired me to build the first cabin in 1998.  Cabane Danos is 20′ x 24′ overall on the first floor and features a small loft accessible by ladder stair only.  This Cabin features a queen bed downstairs with a very unique hand-made cypress driftwood headboard and a double and twin bed in the open loft.

Below: Enjoy photos of our Cabin I Gallery below.

Loft Inside Cabin I

Fireplace in Cabin I

Convenient Living Spaces in Cabin I


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